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Take charge of your health and stop turning over your life to our confusing and intimidating healthcare system–before it’s too late.

Dr. Erika Schwartz believes that today’s patient is but a leaf blowing in the wind of group-think protocols, corrupt medical societies, insurance companies on the take, and billion dollars in marketing and lobbying pressure from drug companies. Her new book, Don't Let Your Doctor Kill You, gives you the answers in ten clear chapters with examples every step of the way.

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A little about Erika

A consummate clinician and fierce patient advocate. Dr. Schwartz has been combining cutting edge medical science with the art of listening to and caring for the entire patient for over 35 years. Trained in internal medicine and critical care, she became the youngest and only woman Director of Emergency Medicine at Westchester County Medical Center at the age of 28. She is recognized worldwide as a pioneer and leading expert in natural hormone therapies, anti-aging and disease prevention. She is the author of 6 best selling books and trains physicians around the globe on the art of creating optimal health for their patients through the scientifically proven use of bioidentical/natural hormones, supplements, diet, exercise and stress management.

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Speaking, Training & Events

I have been honored to speak to groups of all sizes across the country and around the globe. Groups include consumers, charity events, tradeshows, financial firms, TV networks, healthcare providers and medical professionals. I speak english, german, french, italian, spanish & romanian fluently.

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My Blog

Articles and insights on hormone balance, anti-aging and disease prevention all focused from the patient perspective. This blog is my space to give you non-biased information and strategies to live your most healthy life. Enjoy!

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